VIDEOS by Austin Young

VIDEOS by Austin Young

I’m interested in camp and gender. I consider my videos to be like portraits. Jackie Beat has an amazing face and personality. I have collaborated with Jackie Beat on 8 videos. I have collaborated with Raja aka Sutan Amrull, Jeffree Star, Squeaky Blonde, Deven Green, Selene Luna, The Infamous Boom Boom and more. (The combined views of my uploaded youtube videos is over 17 million hits.)

Jackie Beat - Gimme All Your Blood - video by Austin Young

The Queen of Parody, Jackie Beat, takes on the Queen of Pop, Madonna. Gimme All your Blood by Jackie Beat. video by Austin Young. featuring Vicki Vox and Detox Icunt!

TRANIMAL Workshop - Squeaky Blonde, Fade-Dra and Austin Young

Behind the scenes of the photo shoot for 7 Hollywood Magazine. TRANIMAL Workshop, by Austin Young, Squeaky Blonde and Fade-Dra. The three are an art collective that collaborates with artists and the public to make art about gender, beauty and identity . here we collaborate with: Mynxi White, Raja (Sutan Amrul), Laganja Estranja, Lisa Katnik, Karma Zabetch, Jared Newmeyer, Saskia Wilson Brown

video by Saskia Wilson Brown and Austin Young

Jeffree Star - Beauty Killer [Official Video]

Video by Austin Young

Makeup by Jeffree Star

Wig styling by Mathu Anderson



……coming soon

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TRANIMAL Workshop, 'Master Class' at Machine Project

TRANIMAL MASTER CLASS WORKSHOP Austin Young, Squeaky Blonde, and Fade-Dra with guest artists Mark Allen, Juliana Snapper, Travis Pates, and Malakai Hom, MODELS Willam Belli, Detox Icunt, Lauran Winnet, Alexander Ghastbrow, Johnny Smith ELECTRONICS Mark Allen VIDEO Emily Lacy VOCAL DIRECTOR Juliana Snapper PHOTOGRAPHY, VIDEO Austin Young REMIX OF ERIK SATIE'S GNOSSIENE NO. 1 AS RECORDED BY TEODORO ANZELLOTI ON ACCORDION (WINTER & WINTER) Ezra Buchla

Queen of the Boogie

Queen of the Boogie

Hadda Brooks is Queen of the Boogie!

This is an intimate and poignant musical portrait of the boogie woogie queen and torch singer who received the recognition and audiences she had been searching for throughout the fits and starts of her 50 year career. Featuring Selene Luna, The Senator Eugene Wright, John Epperson aka Lypsinca, Little Jimmy Scott, Austin Young and Barry Pett.

Hadda Brooks ( 1916 – 2002) was an American pianist, vocalist and composer. Her first single, "Swingin' the Boogie", came out in 1945. She was billed as "Queen of the Boogie"

Film makers, Austin Young and Barry Pett, take a wild romp through Miss Brooks' stomping grounds, Hollywood and San Francisco, in a documentary that will have you laughing and crying at the same time. The under appreciated star put Modern Records on the musical map, was first black woman to have her own TV show, and appeared in films with stars like Humphrey Bogart. Bonnie Raitt calls Hadda an 'American Treasure,' and Brooks' is recognized by the R&B hall of fame as a pioneer of rock 'n' roll.̌

Time After Time -Hadda Brooks

an excerpt from the film, "Hadda Brooks, Queen of The Boogie" by Barry Pett and Austin Young.

Hadda Brooks

Hadda Brooks

Screenshot from trailer for the movie In a Lonely Place (1950), featuring stars Gloria Grahame and Humphrey BogartHadda Brooks as the singer of "I Hadn't Anyone Till You", written by Ray Noble and performed by Hadda Brooks.